Pacsirta Kicsiház

Relax in the Tiny cottage!
This cottage embraces you by the sunlight, and it refreshes you by the freshness of a fountain.
There, where nature meets the creating work of human hands. This tiny cottage can be found in Tolna County, between the downs of the hill –country of Tolna, where there is space, air
and silence.
The tiny cottage supports the relaxed way of life. We tend to reach the purpose, that people,
who become our guests in this house, can find their ways back to nature and their own inner
roots by letting themselves cut out of the stressful world of rushing life.

Long for individuality, freedom and adventure?
Do you like small squares, which are surrounded by natural materials?
Do you support the protection of the environment.
If you would like to cut yourself out of the busy city life, because the quiteness of a village keeps you alive.

A fathom of Provance can be found on the hills of Pannonia, where grape grows on the
yellow soil, which was formed in the glacial period, and it is inherited from this period of time.

This house is suitable for two persons: kitchen – dining room, herbgarden, bedroom, bathroom and two terraces can be found in the Pacsirta Tiny Cottage. A parking lot can be
found in the closed yard, there is also a shower and a tub in the garden. You can order
breakfast, which should be agreed in advance.
Thermalbaths in our neighborhood

– Medicinal water of Igal: it is good for handling rheumatic problems and reduced
mobility, it helps the healing of vascular lesions after injuries and the complaints of the joints, it eases the gynecological complaints, the tumours, the inflammations of the
bladder and the ignitions.

– Medicinal water of Dombóvár – Gunaras: it is good for handling illnesses of the
organs, which are responsible for moving, complaints of the stomach and the bowels
and gynecological illnesses.
– Medicinal water of Tamási: it is capable for handling the arthrosis of the limbs, and
the mutations of the backbone and the joints of the hips, and it is also convinient for
the follow up care for people, who are damaged by an accident, or who have
orthopaedic damages.
Festivals in our neighborhood

– Ozora Festival (40 km), July-August.
– Balaton Sound Festival, Zamárdi (47 km), July.
– New Orleans Jazz Festival in Siófok (42 km), July.
– Saint’s day in Krisna –Völgy, (65 km), July.
– Trófea Wild Gastronomy Festival, Tamási, (9 km), June.
– Samsara Festival, Siófok – Töreki, (42 km), August
– Be My Lake Festival, Zamárdi, (47 km), August.

Dél-Dunántúl, Nagykónyi

30.000 Ft /house /2 person | English | Hungarian | German | Self catering

| , Cottage | min 2 person | 2 capacity | 1 room | 1 bathroom


| Pet friendly | Dézsafürdő | Fully equipped kitchen | Függőágy | Grillezési lehetőség | Fireplace | Kerékpár kölcsönzés | Garden | Garden furniture | Kitchen tools | Minibár | Sunbeds | Non-smoking rooms | Romantic accommodation for couples | Private parking | Terrace | Tűzrakóhely | Wifi


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