Nádfa Apartman

Exclusive accommodation in the heart of Szigetköz on Dunasziget, in the Nádfa Apartman.

The guest houses are located on the banks of the Zátonyi-Danube, surrounded by the embankment of the Old Danube and the Natura 2000 area.

The apartment consists of two houses, each of which can accommodate 4 people.

The exclusive-looking, modern-style buildings were covered with reed or red cedar shingles, making the buildings special and emphasizing the close-to-nature experience.

With the large glass surfaces and the high gallery, we lure the island into the living room.

If you book an apartment, we keep the other house empty, thus ensuring the private sphere, so that it’s just you and nature.

In the case of larger groups, you can of course book both apartments.

Emphasizing the Danube panorama was also an important aspect when placing the sauna and jacuzzi.

Nyugat-Dunántúl, Dunasziget

84.900 HUF / apartman/ night | English | German | Breakfast

| , Apartmanház | min 2 person | 8 capacity | 4 room | 2 bathroom


| Csónakhasználat | Exclusive | Fully equipped kitchen | Finn szauna | Függőágy | Grillezési lehetőség | Jacuzzi | Kávéfőző | Garden | Garden furniture | Kiságy | Kitchen tools | Air-conditioned rooms | Microwave | Mosogatógép | Sun terrace | Pezsgőfürdő | Romantic accommodation for couples | Saját stég | Flat-screen TV | Szauna | Terrace | Hiking | Iron | Vízforraló | Wifi



nadfaapartman@gmail.com https://nadfaapartman.hu/ +36 30 325-2600

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